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Katima'a K-HYLE K-HYLE ar457 some products manufactured by COSMALIA


The "Laboratoires COSMALIA®" are specialised in pharmaceutical - cosmetical research and development. Their know-how permits you to develop wide and complete ranges of products under private label.

Cosmalia and you

COSMALIA examines your project carefully, to provide you with the right answer at each step of the development :

  • Formulation optimised thanks to our technological watch on innovative ingredients ;
  • To obtain the properties, the texture, the colour and the perfume that you have chosen, while keeping in mind your market position (good value) ;
  • Mastery in manufacturing natural products without chemical preservatives ;
  • Preservation of original properties of all ingredients thanks to room temperature manufacturing ;
  • Environmentally friendly, thanks to low energy consumption and non pollutant emissions ;
  • Simplification of the industrial implementation for cosmetics manufacturing with local made natural active ingredients ;
  • Writing of the legal files ;
  • Manufacture in compliance with international manufacturing standards ;

For you, Cosmalia
formulates, manufactures, packages
and offers you logistic supports
(storage, forwarding, ...)

And Cosmalia is also…

a Unique and Innovative know-how, adapted to the worldwide market trends :
Cosmetics manufacturing from COSMALIA® CONCENTRATES


A delivery in the form of "COSMALIA® CONCENTRATES"
to which you add water, and your possible actives.


A manufacturing process
of the finished products under soft mixing
at room temperature (COSMALIA Technology®)


Possibility to choose between two complete production lines :
COSMALIA 50-70                    or                   COSMALIA 200
(COSMALIA Technology® of manufacture and conditioning),
simple, reliable and economic.

1st Prize Futurallia
1st Prize Futurallia

Export Challenge
Beauty Official Award

Beauty Official Award

for "hydra Peel ar457"
Company Trophy
Company Trophy