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The simplification in pure respect of cosmetic tradition


The concept is simple :
All necessary ingredients for the manufacturing are contained in the COSMALIA® CONCENTRATE.
You just need to add your possible actives and water to the COSMALIA® CONCENTRATES,
then to mix in order to obtain very high quality cosmetics products.

The advantages are numerous :

  • The Finished product is easily prepared, at room temperature, quickly (less than 30 minutes) and at low cost : all that is needed is a stirrer and a tank (mixing tank type without double protection or heating system) ;

Possibility to choose between the COSMALIA 50 Production Line :


or the COSMALIA 200 Production Line :

  • Supplying for different raw material is reduced to the COSMALIA® CONCENTRATESas well as having to control different product identities and microbiological cleanliness ;
  • The COSMALIA® CONCENTRATES and finished products are issued from years of researches, adjustments and verifications following French market norms ;
  • The remarkable final textures representative of the high traditional French quality offers products extremely pleasant to use and of exceptional softness ;
  • Stockage is avoided. Our laboratories have the capability to deliver the desired quantity of COSMALIA® CONCENTRATES ;
  • All ingredients and raw materials contained in the COSMALIA® CONCENTRATES are perfectly preserved and bear thermal shocks due to transportation ;
  • The COSMALIA® CONCENTRATES are THE answer to your market needs and high quality requirements ;
  • Absolutely innovating on the technological level, this engineering concept has numerous years lead on competition.

Economical data of technological transference

It is obvious that we can provide all these products in bulk or completely manufactured. But the COSMALIA® CONCENTRATES solution is better because :

  • You create added value in your country by making the last manufacture, the bottles and tube filling, packaging and commercialisation ;
  • You manufacture a finished product which is extremely easy to do since all the difficulties in manufacturing process are resolved when we manufacture the COSMALIA® CONCENTRATES in France ;
  • The freight charges are reduced because there is no water in the COSMALIA® CONCENTRATES. Water may represents 60 to 90% of a finished product total weight ;
  • The COSMALIA® CONCENTRATES conservation is perfect. It can be shipped at low cost ;
  • The COSMALIA® CONCENTRATES are raw materials; therefore the custom duties can be lower than for a finished product ;
  • The exceptional texture of the finished products, like the best French ones, are very appreciated by the consumers ;
  • The selling price of our COSMALIA® CONCENTRATES permits you to sell excellent products at low prices for the final consumer.

"Laboratoires Cosmalia®" proposes You...

to establish a co-production network without cost and adapted to your market, to be a technical and technological support to study and help you to create your own Cosmetic Laboratory, and, permanently, novelties containing updated and high performance raw materials.

The ability, the experience and the control of the modern cosmetics permits COSMALIA
to use local actives, plants extracts or perfumes and to adapt it to its CONCENTRATES concept.

The "Laboratoires Cosmalia®" are your expert enterprise for :

  • researching and perfecting your new formulas ;
  • your productions according to a new and unique partnership ;
  • allowing you to test without financial risk the adaptation between product - price - market.

Your total partner in your co-production network.