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The "Cosmalia 200" production line


The "Cosmalia 200" production line, is a complete set of machines
combining all of the necessary functions for the manufacturing of cosmetic products
from "COSMALIA® CONCENTRATES". Ambientemp® (without heating) process.


The manufacturing process will always be the same for you : at room temperature, put the "COSMALIA® CONCENTRATE" in the tank, mix, and then, gradually, add your possible actives and the water.

The "Cosmalia 200" production line is composed of

1) A Water treatment device

The first essential step for the manufacturing of the COSMALIA® products is the water treatment (main water or other water supply). A perfect clean water on microbiologic level will guarantee an excellent product quality. Our Water treatment device includes :

  • A fabric pre-filter: to eliminate the suspending elements in water ;
  • A filtration device based on active carbon to eliminate chlorine, sediments, organic materials, odors... ;
  • A water-softener ;
  • A reverse osmosis station ;
  • A tank of 300 litres ;
Water treatment device
  • A U.V. ray decontamination device which destroys 99,9 % of bacteria, virus and microorganisms. This ramp is located next to the flow-meter ;
U.V. ray decontamination device
  • A water distribution gun with a flow-meter which will enable the distribution of the exact right quantity of water needed for each step of the manufacture.
Water distribution gun with a flow-meter

This set of equipment should enable to furnish 300 liters of demineralized and decontaminate water per hour which is perfectly adapted to the manufacturing device machine and that of the dosage-filling device rhythm.

2) A Mixer

In order to transform the "COSMALIA® CONCENTRATE" into a finished product, a unique device is necessary; A 200 litres MIXER, perfectly adapted for the manufacturing of our goods (creams, lotions, shampoos, shower-gels, alcohol-free perfumes, ...).


Its ground dimensions are 1,4 m × 1,3 m. Height : 2,50 m. Weight : 1.400 kg. It does include the structure with an engine and a mixer.

The mixing tank is movable : an automatic hydraulic lift which moves it up and down. The lift moves the tank up to the manufacture cover and tools. At the end of the manufacture, the movable tank is brang down by the hydraulic lifting system and disengaged from the structure and covered with a protection lid. Supplied with small wheels, the tank can be transfered to the filling room.

The total disengagement of the mixing tools, after the removing of the tank, enables to clean easily the whole device.

Finally, this Mixer works air emptied (under vacuum), which presents three advantages :

  1. No bubbles in the manufactured product. It can therefore immediately be bottled ;
  2. Little or none contamination risk by room air ;
  3. It is not necessary to lift raw materials in order to insert it into the tank; a tube which is connected to the lid enables suction. Therefore, the raw materials are directly sucked from their packaging which is positioned on the floor. Handling is reduced to minimum.

This device, the shape of its mixing tools and its usage speed are subject to COSMALIA Laboratories specific development.

The electrical energy required is about 8 KW with a triphase connection.

In order to accelerate the production rhythm, it is possible to acquire a second manufacture tank (one tank used for the manufacturing process while the other is used for bottle filling).

3) Two Dosage-filling machines

Dosage-filling machines

Once the manufacture stage is finished, the product will immediately have to be packaged by the mean of two Dosage-filling machines functioning by compressed air :

These very strong, reliable and simple to use devices, enable the filling up of at least 500 bottles an hour, which in total represents a production of 1000 bottles for both machines.

These are adjustable and can provide all quantities, between 25ml to 250ml (1% precision marge) for each cycle. They are directly plugged to the movable manufacturing tank which minimizes manipulation and thus the contamination risks.

They can also be completely dismantled to enable an excellent cleaning up.

Packaging line
Packaging line

The securities of this device are in keeping with the European standards of security and hygiene.

The devices of the"Cosmalia 200" production line are very strongly built and can be used every day during numerous years with a minimum maintenance.

The "Cosmalia 200" production line permits to produce at least ONE MILLION of finished products per annum.