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The "Cosmalia 50-70" Production Line

                                ....To think cosmetic differently

"Patented System ®"


The "Cosmalia 50-70" is a complete, autonomous and compact tool,
which combine all the necessary functions for the manufacturing of cosmetic products
(quite particularly from "COSMALIA® CONCENTRATES")..
Ambientemp® (without heating) process.


The "Cosmalia 50-70" shows three major characteristics :

  1. "All-in-one": water treatment, weighing, mixing for the manufacture, dosage-filling of the bottles and cleaning. You just need to have a clean and tiled room of 25 m², with a water inlet and a floor drain for sewage outfall, to launch the production.
  2. Completely autonomous on the energy level because all its functions are driven by a D.C. current coming from its batteries. If those are reloaded with a renewable source of energy (solar, wind turbine...), it is possible to carry out "zero energy" and "zero pollution" productions. This also allows a complete autonomy of the manufacture no matter the quality of the electric supply.
  3. Being easily transportable because dismountable in 7 main modules, which allow to use it in very various places, including upstairs, and perhaps to produce cosmetic products with fresh plants, manifestly richer than dried plants, directly on the harvesting place.

Size all modules assembled: Length = 3 m, width = 1, 70 m, height =2, 20 m Weight : 600 Kg

The "Cosmalia 50-70" includes :

1) A Water treatment device :

Filtration (fabric and activated carbon), demineralization by reverse osmosis and decontamination, by means of UV rays (which destroys 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms), of the water used to manufacture finished products.

Water treatment device

2) A moveable set of batteries which require no maintenance,

allowing a complete autonomy of the production no matter the quality of the electric supply and recharged in a place outside the room of manufacturing to avoid any electric risk

Chariot de Batteries

3) A "Human-Machine interface" (HMI) with touchscreen

piloting all the actions of production and being able to be connected by Ethernet, Wi-Fi or USB port in order to receive, give any information but also to make a remote maintenance and updates.

4) A Mixer with a capacity of 50 useful liters for thick products and 70 useful liters for liquid products,

coupled with a system of precise weighing (50 grams), to manufacture all kinds of products (creams, body lotions, tonics, shower gels, shampoos...) with 1 stainless steel mobile tank and with 1 stainless steel propeller of innovative and patented technology (Shear Anchor), moved by a D. C. motor coupled to a variable speed transmission piloted by the HMI.
A patented device allows following the progress of the current weighing by a sound signal which modifies according to the percentage of product poured compared to the desired weight. The supply and weighing of the water is automatic according to the data programmed on the IHM.
At the end of the production, the propeller auto cleans by centrifugal force before leaving the tank and "COSMALIA 50-70" address 1 or more e-mails to selected people summarizing all data specific to the batch manufactured.



5) An electric dosing filling machine in 24 V

(its “wheel” technology allows a precise dosage from 15 ml and without superior limit. Simply set the number of laps). According to the volume of the bottle and the nature of the product, it permits at least 300 fillings per hour. Programming, with data storage, the volume and pace. Re aspiration function, which can be coupled according to the nature of the product with a check valve for “anti-drop” effect. Filling « step by step » or clocked with adjustable time delay between each cycle. Choice between 3 filling buzzards. Recovery device in case of spills due to mishandling. Continuous cycle for washing. Body completely removable by hand without the use of tools to perform a thorough cleaning.

Electric Dosing Filling machine

6) A 100 µ «Stainless steel» filter

for the finished product to guarantee the best quality and the cleanliness of the packaged product

Filter 100µ

7) All connectivity elements

necessary for the functioning

8) A "Hygiene station"

for the cleaning and the decontamination of the machine and the factory

Hygiene station

This intrinsically safe instrument, which has the particularity to operate fully under the very safe voltage of 12 or 24 V, is in keeping with the European standards of security and hygiene.

The "COSMALIA 50-70" is very robustly built and can be used every day during numerous years with a minimum maintenance.

The "COSMALIA 50-70" permits to produce at least 200.000 finished products per annum.

The tank is used in three positions :

1 - In the lower position :
Position Basse
2 - In position « Mixing » :
Position Mélange
3 - In position « Packing » :

a. After the manufacture, the mixture tool is raised, then isolated from the apparatus.
b. The tank itself is then raised to become the “feeding hopper” of the dosage/filling machine
Position Haute
Position Trémie